postman webhook monitor signature fail

Hello, I’m trying to run the futures postman collection thru a webhook monitor. I’ve tested it successfully with unsigned GET requests and even logged the response. But with signed GET request I get the error: code: -2014, msg: ‘API-key format invalid.’
As if the signature or environment values were ignored.
The thing is that they work just fine if I send the request manually and by the runner.
I would appreciate any guidence to solve this. Most probably i’m missing something.
Thank you in advance.

If the endpoint require API key, you have to set it up in the environment. Otherwise this error message will be received.

Thank You, I figured as much, but the thing is that if the monitor is triggered by a webhook it doesn’t resolve the environment variables and set them as strings in the requests query, even if the environment is set properly in the monitor settings. My work around had to be to construct the query by script in the request’s pre-request script. A mildly difficult task for a beginner as myself but as of this moment that was the only way for me to (kindo of) solve the issue.