Postman. Testnet. New Order. 'Signature for this request is not valid' if env variable is used

Hi all!

I’m trying to execute New order request on testnet.

It works fine if ‘symbol’ is hardcoded in the Params:

But if I use the same ‘symbol’ from value from postman env variables, it responds with error:

Why does it happen?
Any thoughts appreciated!

In addition, GET requests with the same variable works fine. So it confuses me even more…

Not tested, but I my guess would be:

symbol is needed to create signature and postman is possibly taking {{symbolToTrade}} and not its referenced value into account, hence you’re getting the ‘Signature for this request is not valid’.

With the ticker price endpoint you have no issues because that endpoint is public, you don’t need to have signature.

Seems legit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
I’ll try to forward this issue to Binance Dev’s who are responsible for Postman collections