Post only order in Spot markets does not work

I already tried
How to send post only order in Spot and Futures

client.order_limit(symbol = ‘EURBUSD’, side = ‘SELL’, quantity = 9.5, price = ‘1.05810000’, type = ‘LIMIT_MAKER’)

but it just seems to ignore it and fill the order as a taker if price < current ask
What am i doing wrong?

Thank you for helping :slight_smile:

It’s possible there is potential issue in the library. Please try this library and the example of usage:

see if the LIMIT_MAKER works.

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Thank you, that works!
Is there a problem with using both python-binance and binance-connector libraries in one trading bot? Seems like they both have their pros and cons, so what are possible cons for using two libraries?

Sorry, we haven’t tested if they working together.