Possible bug with with the way candles are produced for higher timeframes

Let’s say a pair had 1min candles for the first 2 minutes of a 5min interval but it had no 1min candles for the last 2 minutes (possibly because of low volume): there will not be a new 5min candle at all unless a new 1min candle comes up at the point - or later - the new 5min candle should be produced.

It’s very easy to notice even on medium-volume pairs (e.g. it’s very noticeable even on doge/btc).

In case it is intentional: it’s wrong because information may come up late for the higher time frame when there is new information that is withheld because there was low volume only for the last minute (or the time following the last minute) but there was volume and new 1min candles after the previous higher timeframe candle.

Same for me.
Described here : Missing kline when no transaction (change was made after 22th april 9:57AM UTC)