Please finish the Binance Margin trading implementation

Until this time the Margin trading implementation at the spot exchange not finished yet. The user forced to either borrow at an account level, or borrow and repay per order manually. Please finish the Margin implementation where the margin handling is fully automatic, just like on any other exchange, or at binance futures. (in terms of the api: remove sideEffect parameter and make ‘automargin’ mode default, or introduce a sideEffect:‘borrow-or-repay’ dual mode)

Please be specific on the “borrow-or-repay” mode, how is that side effect working?

thank you

“borrow-or-repay” mode means, borrow if needed, repay as soon as possible. Exactly how the full auto margin trading works.

sideEffect=MARGIN_BUY ===> borrow if needed

Could you escalate this question to a spot api team member?
What prevents binance to introduce auto margin trading?

Any news on this? Is there an api contact I can write to regarding this?