Place an order with stoploss and takeprofit without freeze money

I am trying to implement binance trade bot but I faced with one problem. It not usual problem with insufficient balance I guess. I’ll try to explain what I mean.
So, I want to get in LONG position for example for symbol “ETHUSDT”.Let’s say that I buy 1 eth. So I create LIMIT buy order, then STOP_LOSS_LIMIT and TAKE_PROFIT_LIMIT using your api. Here is the trick. It open one LIMT order it freeze some usdt on this order and place it. Then it tries to place STOP_LOSS_LIMIT for sell 1 eth and it freeze 1 ETH that I haven’t got yet on my balance. Sure it throws that I have insufficient balance. The goal is how can I create stop loss and take profit orders for existed order, without freezing balance, just using balance that has already been placed with LIMIT type?

Assets are only frozen once the stop price is hit.

If the market price fluctuates and hits both STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT stop prices before filling the order, the last order will not pass through and will canceled.

There is no work around to the scenario you described.

Take a look at OCO orders maybe they can help you approach your goal from a different angle

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