I am assured that our bot is buying PERPETUAL futures.

However when I look at the parameters being sent/POSTed (order is placed and filled)… I see the parameters are;

map[newClientOrderId:[1706845057] price:[2157.7] quantity:[0.000] recvWindow:[5000] side:[BUY] symbol:[BTCDOMUSDT] timeInForce:[GTC] type:[LIMIT]]

Note the symbol is BTCDOMUSDT and NOT BTCDOMUSDT_perp.

How can this be possible? I understood that in order to buy a perpetual the symbol must be BTCDOMUSDT_perp. Note the _perp suffix.

What am I missing?

Help here is very much appreciated.


For the available symbols on exchange, please feel free to query from the endpoint: /fapi/v1/exchangeInfo