Permission Expired for API.

“Trading permissions are only activated for 90 days without trusted IPs set for this API key. You can reactivate after expiration.”

GET /api/v3/account is giving me information that :
“canTrade”: true, “canWithdraw”: true, “canDeposit”: true,

Have we api function which gives me information how many days my api is available? I want to show resembling message with info (solution 1) or just stop a program if api is blocked(solution 2).
Where can i read info via api that trades on spot are blocked?

Unfortunately, I don’t think the endpoint is available, however, it’s strongly recommended to set up the API key restricted with IP, which will greatly improve the security.


look like new api endpoint and should return

"tradingAuthorityExpirationTime": 1628985600000 // Expiration time for spot and margin trading permission

but i test it and there is no tradingAuthorityExpirationTime