Payload using "msg" not "message"

Hi, you are returning the msg for an error code in “msg”. AFAIK the standard should be to return the message in field “message”.

{“code”:-2021,“msg”:“Order would immediately trigger.”}


From the message, the order should not be filled immediately, but the price from the parameters is better than the best price in the market.

Hi dino, i was referring to the fact that the api returns the error message in the field ‘msg’ while afaik, to be standard - it should be returning the message in the field ‘message’. Can you check with the developers please?

I see, however it’s been designed with this field from very beginning. It’s safe to use it in production.

Hello Sunchaser.

The official documentation states that the field sent in the error code is msg and this has always been the field for the API.

Thank you.