Pay-In Option Feature

I’m building a mini-app to automate transactions using Binance API as the app backbone for functionality. I need to explore options to pay in money into the system, I wish to know it Binance API has the function or how do you suggest I go about it.


To understand more on what you’re trying to achieve, could you please provide context on “pay in money into the system”? What would be an example of a specific expected result?

If helpful, you can take some time to explore the currently available API endpoints for Wallet here:

I’m trying to achieve a scenario of how users can pay into my mini system and it will enter my Binance account for processing. Something like a gateway to pay into my binance account

I was thinking about seeing a payment option like using Master or Visa cards for payment. The platform is for bureau de change operations

From the wallet endpoints @aisling mentioned above, Client is able to withdraw and monitor the balance of the Binance wallet from API. Hope that can meet your requirement.

thank you.