OTOCO orders over API on futures

Considering that it already is possible to create OTOCO orders over the trading interface, could we have an API for this order type?


We’ll register down this feedback, thank you


Are there any updates on this yet? Is this in development?

I can see placing those kind of orders/strategies works internally with the /bapi/futures/v1/private/future/strategy/place-order Endpoint, but it’s not accessible outside of the interface. Why is that?

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@seemayr Didn’t receive updates on this, will check. In the meantime, you can try: How to implement OTOCO(TP/SL) orders using API

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I too want to use the API here /bapi/futures/v1/private/future/strategy/place-order

Any news?

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Is there any update on this? It seems that there is a huge need for it and as far as I can see you just need to make it public since there is a private version for it.


Same here, since binance was currently world’s largest CEX, it should have these basic public endpoints where we can do OTOCO operation. An update on this would be really appreciated, thank you in advanced.

Hello, I just don’t understand why Binance doesn’t put this API public.
They aim to be number 1 and they can’t implement such a common OTOCO order type ?
They already did it in private only from UI, i’m sure there is an hidden purpose to keep it private, they are not just lazy, does someone have any idea about what can their hidden purpose be ?

Now I understand why they keep it private. They want us to be liquidated in futures

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Still private. It must be a joke. They clearly don’t want it to be public.

Still Nothing ?

I want to update the unit, but the end-point is private.