OTOCO orders for Futures in Binance API


is there a possibility to place OTOCO orders for Futures in Binance API?



Hi, it has been shared internally the demand for TPSL through API, although there hasn’t been updates to make it available yet.

thanks for the reply.

Do you perhaps have a suggestion how to replicate the TPSL behavior through python, for example using the python-binance library?

Much appreciated!

No lib can do that easily; You need to code to implement that using below logic:

  1. listen to your user data stream
  2. place an order when onOpen
  3. listen for filled msg for that particular order
  4. place TP/SL orders based on that


I code something like this:
" set a limit buy order at 1min candle close, then it will check every 3 seconds if it’s executed or not by checking balance, if balance reduced so it’s executed , then I will use that quantity to sell again at a limit price"

here you are talking about (user data stream/listen/msg), do you mean that binance will tell me that it’s executed, and depending on that I can sell that quantity ? could you help me more for this.

I will be thankful

Yes - https://binance-docs.github.io/apidocs/spot/en/#payload-order-update

thanks for the suggestion, will give it a try :slight_smile: