Orders notifications not sent in websocket

Did anyone encounter this problem in the last 10 days in binance futures websocket? I am connecting to the fapi websocket to listen for orders getting executed. I have a script in python registered as a linux system service so that it never dies. And some orders that get triggered but i don’t get any notification via websocket. I logged everything that comes through that websocket and some orders are getting sent some not… and it’s completely random… i made no changes, no updates and i use this system for more than 1 year and never had this problem. Anyone experienced an issue like this recently? Thanks!

Hi Rosca_Alex, did you ever resolve your issue?

No, it’s still happening randomly… I created a secondary script that checks once per minute if the known position is still open and if the known stop loss is still set. If not it means the stop loss got executed and my position closed so then I make the needed changes on my end.

Hi. I’m not so sure how you capture the events but there is one possibility I can think of now. Can you check if your logging logic relies on some sort of ordering? The events pushed from user data stream are not guaranteed to be in order when the server load is high. If you have some logic relies on the chronological order, it may miss out some data.

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I use wss://fstream.binance.com/ws/ + signature and i log everything that is received via that websocket.
Same script which is a process listens on 3 accounts. Sometimes i have a pause of updates from the websocket on only 1 or 2 of the accounts. Sometimes on all… But the connection is live, everything is ok… I checked and it has nothing to do with ordering


I also encountered the same problem. Data loss caused my database data to be incomplete. This is giving me a headache.

I met the same problem and solved after I changed to use " wss://fstream-auth.binance.com/ws/"

Please try.