Orders list per pair and order fetching by ID


I’m using CCTX library to create some SPOT orders and track their status afterwards (by their orderId).

I’m doing it for some time and everything works as expected (order creation, Binance reporting back orders by their ID) BUT during a BTC crash from 1 week ago (on 21.05) Binance site was very slow (as usual during big events) and also the system that keeps the order list (for a user per a specific pair, let’s call it “Orders system”) was kinda broken. If, let’s say, I created an order, the order got created but if I searched/fetched for it by the ID provided by Binance after creation, Binance sometimes told me the order doesn’t exist and sometimes report it back to me.

I tried to fetch all orders (to investigate this bug) on that particular pair I was creating the order and the list of orders reported back was a total mess, sometimes it included the new order, sometimes the order disappeared.
This bug wasn’t specific for a pair, it was happening on every pair I was trying to sell/buy.

The bug “solved itself” after 1-2h from the crash of BTC.

I can block order creation (on my site) when this happens again but I’m interested in a way of knowing that the “Orders system” is working again without having to create an order every X seconds just to check if the “Orders system” reports it back to me correctly.


Searching other topics for this problem I’ve found this one.
I understood that this is a known issue and the best way to do order tracking is through the User Data Websocket.