Order Filter: quantity and value of maxOrder

I have one question about the Filters. For example, look at ETHUSDT:

  "filterType": "LOT_SIZE",
  "minQty": "0.00010000",
  "maxQty": "9000.00000000",
  "stepSize": "0.00010000"
  "filterType": "PRICE_FILTER",
  "minQty": "0.01000000",
  "maxQty": "1000000.00000000",
  "stepSize": "0.01000000"
  "filterType": "MIN_NOTIONAL",
  "minQty": "10.00000000",
  "applyToMarket": true,
  "avgPriceMins": 5

The LOT_SIZE.maxQty is the maximum allowed “order quantity” (= base currency): in this case: I can buy at most 9.000 ETH per order.

What I need to know is the maximum allowed order value, i.e. how much money (= counter currency) is allowed to spend at most per order. As I understand, PRICE_FILTER.maxQty is only the maximum allowed money to spend for one share and not for the whole order volume, or?

max. 9.000 ETH per order
max. ? USDT per order (the ? is what I need to know!),

I suggest familiaring yourself with the Filters Section of the Documentation.

  1. ETH is the base asset. LOT_SIZE is measured by the amount of ETH, base asset.
  2. USDT is the quote asset. For example when you place a LIMIT order with quoteOrderQty specified, the system will convert USDT to the corresponding quantity in BTC and check the LOT_SIZE. If you placed a MARKET order it would check the MARKET_LOT_SIZE

LOT_SIZE is the maximum allowed order in the base currency, which is 9000 ETH. MARKET_LOT_SIZE is the maximum allowed market order in the base currency, currently 4635.03365625 ETH.

Essentially you would have to multiply the LOT_SIZE or MARKET_LOT_SIZE by the current ETH price which wouldn’t be an exact science.

Thanks, this was my guess. To sum up:

// for limit orders
LOT_SIZE.maxQty * "actual ETH price" = max allowed value per order
// for market orders
MARKET_LOT_SIZE.maxQty * "actual ETH price" = max allowed value per order