Order count decrement on testnet

Hi there,
I’m currently writing unit tests to place multiple orders in sequence on the testnet via the “order.place” websocket method.
So far, everything works quite smoothly and orders placed on the testnet get matched which I can confirm by the websocket responses, the corresponding order updates (“executionReport”) pushed to user stream, and by the changes in the account balance.

I then came across the “order count decrement feature” described here: binance-spot-api-docs/faqs/order_count_decrement.md at master · binance/binance-spot-api-docs · GitHub, which states, that filled orders decrement the order count, effectively netting to 0 order count.

So far, my order counts don’t seem to decrement after any order got filled, but keep accumulating linearly - even after waiting a couple of seconds.
So did I misunderstand something about this feature or is it not implemented on the testnet?