Operation opened order even with reduce Only

Something strange happened.

I open an order with reduceOnly on binance, theoretically this order shouldn’t have any effect, because the client didn’t have any open positions to close.

But this order with reduceOnly, opened a position, when in fact it should give a rejection because there is no order to close.

my order

avgPrice: "21893.90000"
closePosition: false
cumQuote: "1050.90720"
executedQty: "0.048"
origQty: "0.048"
origType: "MARKET"
positionSide: "BOTH"
price: "0"
priceProtect: false
reduceOnly: true
side: "SELL"
status: "FILLED"
stopPrice: "0"
symbol: "BTCUSDT"
time: Tue Jun 14 2022 17:39:32 GMT-0300
timeInForce: "GTC"
type: "MARKET"
updateTime: 1655239172233
workingType: "CONTRACT_PRICE"

Are you certain that you do not have any position? I have tried on both production and testnet but could not replicate this situation.

Yes, I looked, there were no positions.
I even had to close the position afterwards.