Opening trade with Future API key not working on Testnet ?

Hi all,
I’ve registered and got my testnet API key okay… I can use it to retreive my trades, but not to create a new trade… How can I change it’s permissions ?
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Testnet API Keys have full permissions.

Could you provide the full url used (omitting any sensitive information) and the error received?

Thanks for you answer :slight_smile:

That’s in the error message, is that you’re talking about***f

The error message is in the body of the response.

The endpoint could fail for numerous reasons, however from a first glance, it may be a balance issue.

Please provide the full error response so that we can better diagnose the issue.

I got it…
I was simply using a lib that DOES NOT allow futures Order, it was trying to place a “futures” order using the spot API which therefore was not working…

But thanks a lot for your time :wink:

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