On Futures Testnet, Balance reduced %90

Last night, the settlement is done correctly with the correct amount. However, the next automatic order I gave one minute after the settlement, I released that my balance reduced %90 (from 106K to 10K). There is no record on order history, trade history, transaction history about the reduction. Is this an expected behavior or is there a bug in the system? How can I restore my original balance?

Testnet gets resetting irregularly. It is not an environment to test your strategy. Instead you should backtest it with historical data.


I fully understand that after all it’s only a test instance. But this random behaviour is really making it very hard to test our integration with Binance.

We have arranged ourselves with the monthly resets. Because they are kind of predictable/plannable.

But these random resets overnight are really a big challenge for us.

Is there any chance that you could do these resets only during the montly maintencance window?

Otherwise this is really very inconvenient.



Hi Binance,

I agree with Steve and Icezzzz. This is super enoying.
Is there any logic to these resets please?

@Chai: How come Testnet is not for testing?

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