Not receiving orderBook updates from Future at a frequency of 100ms.

I’m connected to the stream: wss://
With a server in AWS Tokyo at ap-northeast-1a, but the frequency at which we receive stream updates is always above 200ms (P50%). With case arriving > 500ms.

How can I solve this and have a guarantee of updating at least at a frequency of 100ms?

The latency experienced can be influenced by numerous factors, many of which may be beyond Binance’s control. This is because various events can occur between the moment a WebSocket event is pushed and the moment it is received on the client side.

To diagnose and address potential sources of significant latency, it is recommended that you explore different environments, code handling approaches, and verify the configuration of proxies/firewalls on the client side. By thoroughly examining these aspects, you can identify and potentially mitigate the major contributors to latency, ultimately improving the overall responsiveness.