Not able to close futures position

I am creating trading bot using python-binance module. I am stucked at close position.

I am trying to close position using futures_cancel_order() but it shows APIError(code=-2011): Unknown order sent.

My simple code

from binance.client import Client
key = '9790a194f9d6fa40a0d327ed22e23046c0cf3af420ea0484d0f25d456b0d1495'
secret = '14667489e260df66c148548b7632715f2a55273c4210ef055655da5966c63981'
client = Client(key,secret,tld='com',testnet=True)
res = client.futures_cancel_order(symbol='BTCUSDT',orderId=3230513979)

Error I got

I also tried to pass timestamp along with symbol and orderId in futures_cancel_order().

Please help me on this issue.

As you set testnet=True,

  1. Is the api key coming from futures testnet?
  2. Are you able to get the order details? what’s the status?