NoSuchKey on for existing data

i tried to download zips from this address but there are lots of missing data.
some have a reason but other do not.(because the klines missing exist elsewhere)

got a list of 1422 errors like this just for monthly klines for symbols status=trading”: “<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\nNoSuchKeyThe specified key does not”,

i also tried your binance public data library but it has an error somewhere when i precise a folder in the arguments.
tried on windows

When you mentioned trying the Binance public data library, were you referring to this repository: GitHub - binance/binance-public-data: Details on how to get Binance public data

What happens when you run the following command: curl -s "" -o

Alternatively, you can also try this command in the python folder after installing the necessary dependencies: python3 -t spot -s ETHBTC -i 1d -skip-daily 1 -startDate 2024-04-01