Non sensical error: {"code":-2010,"msg":"Filter failure: MARKET_LOT_SIZE"}'

Hello, I am having a trouble on placing a market order for this (and similar) pair: BELETH
It has MARKET_LOT_SIZE filter:
One can see that stepSize is 0
I am trying to sell 44 BELL and buy whatever ETH I can get for this:
Order request: ‘symbol=BELETH&side=SELL&type=MARKET&quoteOrderQty=44&recvWindow=5000&timestamp=1673544161349’
and I am getting {“code”:-2010,“msg”:“Filter failure: MARKET_LOT_SIZE”}’
I definitely have to use “quoteOrderQty”, because I am buying ETH for BELL
(my previous incorrect attempt to use “quantity=44” failed with ‘{“code”:-2010,“msg”:“Account has insufficient balance for requested action.”}’, and this is logical, because I can’t buy 44ETH - it’s too much ).
Could anyone advice what I do wrong?

if you sell BELETH with quoteOrderQty=44, that means you are trying to sell BEL values in about 44ETH, I think that’s a large amount of BEL which reach the maxQty in the fitler.

Thank you for your response.
As I understand I should use quoteOrderQty to sell BEL to get some ETH, not vice versa.
Here I get obscure MARKET_LOT_SIZE error.
(Note, attempt to use quantity=44 leads to “Account has insufficient balance for requested action.” - exactly the case you mention).
I guess by some reason market orders are not possible for BELETH (and similar) because of stepSize=0. I haven’t found it documented anywhere though… How do I suppose to round the qty with zero stepSize!?

if you like to sell 44 BEL in BELETH market, then set:


Hi Dino,
Thanks a lot for your help. Yes, indeed, it works as you suggested.
My first attempt to sell this way was failed because the qty I tried to sell was not available in my wallet (just a few cents less) - I didn’t notice that! And I wrongly though the reason was in wrong qty type :frowning:
Kind Regards,