Non consecutive time values in fapi/v1/ticker/bookTicker

I use “fapi/v1/ticker/bookTicker” endpoint (Binance API Documentation) and successfully receive best prices for all symbols.
But sometimes the “time” field contains a smaller value than previously received value (for a specific symbol, of course).

For example:
BTCBUSD: ask = 49180.7, bid = 49180.5, time = 1638963974162
BTCBUSD: ask = 49177.2, bid = 49177.1, time = 1638963974471
BTCBUSD: ask = 49181.2, bid = 49180.6, time = 1638963974130 <<< less than previous!

Here is another example with raw data from Binance:

@tantialex replied “all requests should be in chronological order” — Telegram: Contact @binance_api_english

So, is it a bug?

ps: how to upload a file? Or should I use 3rd party service for storage and provide a link?


We were unable to reproduce the issue.

Do you have any multi-threaded or asynchronous processing in your solution?

Single thread, all requests are sent one by one.
Other programs call other endpoints (send orders, request bars history, etc). But only one solution calls bookTicker.

How can I help you reproduce this?