No Initial Balance and No Assests, new Spot Testnet API. How can I tests without it?

I made a new account at Spot Testnet API in order to check a code bot. I logged in at with my github credentials as this page said. Then I generated a new api key and secret key and I can see them with TRADE, USER_DATA, USER_STREAM, MARKET_DATA, SECURE_WEB_SOCKET permisions. I’d like test my bot, but when I run it and query for balances, response says I have no funds in any token, instead show 8 Objects. Below is my code and server response:

Code :

/ baseUrl =
// path = /api/v3/account
timestamp :
// resolve → ?timestamp=1648556538560&signature=0f76ff7d…

Server Response:

data: {
makerCommission: 0,
takerCommission: 0,
buyerCommission: 0,
sellerCommission: 0,
canTrade: true,
canWithdraw: false,
canDeposit: false,
updateTime: 1648492218297,
accountType: ‘SPOT’,
balances: [
[Object], [Object],
[Object], [Object],
[Object], [Object],
[Object], [Object]
permissions: [ ‘SPOT’ ]

How can I get those fake balance? Or What am i doing wrong?

You may access the each position by iterating the balances property of the response.

for (const balance of {
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