New order notification

I need to create an app which will listen to a master account and if an order placed in the master account, I will do some business as send sms, email, notification, open another order in another binance account, etc… I can’t find the api that allow me to listen to master account and send me notification if an order take place…. Can any send me this api account/its signature and if u have any sample code.

You can subscribe to the User Stream (
and whenever there is an order, it will trigger an order update event ( with the details of the order.
With that, you can proceed to trigger any alert in your code (Binance does not have API to trigger alert).
PS: You have to generate your own signature, there is an example here on how to do it (

Thanks @Chai for your reply, Can you send me a tutorial or sample for how to subscribe in the user stream and get the order if it is created!! for sorry the binance api documentation is not clear

Not really perfect but it does the job. Use at your own risk.

binance spot order notification

You can use this GitHub GitHub - PiyushDixit96/binance-spot-order-notification-heroku: [binance order trade fill notification] Telegram Notification when Binance order created, cancelled or filled. Ready to Deploy on Heroku

or Heroku Button PiyushDixit96/binance-order-notifier - Buttons - Heroku Elements