New order notification - websocket

I have 2 binance accounts (Account A and account B listen to changes in account A), Account A has api provided to external system, when the external system create order in account A, websocket of account A doesn’t work, but If order created via account A UI, it works and websocket listen to changes!! any recommendations?

I’m using nodejs ws library

From what you’ve described it seems you only get A’s order update via websocket when you’re placing orders in the UI and not when it’s from “external system”?

You need to confirm if the order was indeed successful, you can let “external system” place order, check in the UI if it was indeed created and check the update via websocket.

If issue continues, please share the full response from creating new order.

Yes the order already created successfully in account A

test this GitHub - PiyushDixit96/binance-spot-order-notification-heroku: [binance order trade fill notification] Telegram Notification when Binance order created, cancelled or filled. Ready to Deploy on Heroku