New API request to get user referral code

Is it possible to add an API to retrieve what referral code the account used?
The typical case for this is:
To provide signal or bot for users only with our referral code


thank you for your suggestion, will forward to review.


I am disappointed that there is no such function. I hope it will be updated soon.

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This is an essential feature that all exchange APIs have. Make sure to make it.

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For now I asked all my clients move to FTX, due to Binance missing this API I can’t verify them using my referal code.


This is needed for any BOT out there.


Obviously you need this feature. All other exchanges support it, but it doesn’t make sense that there is no API logic to check why Binance, which boasts the world’s best exchange, is a referral user or not.

Agreed. I have a bot that executes trades 24:7 for anyone who wants to use it but must be verified. Pain manually having to configure each user :frowning:


I did not see FTX offer this endpoint in their docs, could you please tell me where I can find it? many thanks

FTX does not have this?

This is one of the weirdest missing parts on the Binance API, hope this gets implemented soon :partying_face:

(I see this is marked as Futures API but ofc also on Spot)


Must have feature.

And if there’s privacy issue, it is good enough to send our referral code and api returns a boolean if that is applied or not.

And of course this feature for both spot and future.


Must have feature. Exchanges like Bybit & FTX offer this as well. Please add it asap!

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I need this as well. any endpoint that can return the referral list at least?

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We notice more and more users not being honest about using the required reflink and my bots have no way to check this, Bybit has this so after such a long time we decided to focus on Bybit for future development coz this feature is missing here

FTX has this feature, but not in public API, if you ask support, they will tell you the API.