Negative distribution


While trying to track all of my transactions using the API, I found out that I have a mismatch right now.
After investigation, it seems like I am missing some negative distributions.
I saw them in my generated statement, example:
44156033 2020-08-31 18:45 Spot Distribution ERD
44156033 2021-03-18 10:56 Spot Distribution BTCST

They don’t show up in the asset dividend api result though the positive one are there.

How can I fetch those as well?


Hi @lotar, thanks for your report. The only reasonable way to retrieve those through API would be using the same endpoint you’ve mentioned GET /sapi/v1/asset/assetDividend.
Could you report to Customer Support please? We help with API questions here but unfortunately we can’t ask for client IDs, only Customer Support can do it to investigate your account and redirect your question internally with your use case.

@aisling, this is not a customer support issue. The assets dividend API endpoint doesn’t return negative distributions - or at least I have never seen any. Can the asset dividend API endpoint be upgraded to return negative ones? This would be helpful in the scenario assets are upgraded / swapped. Like BQX being swapped/replaced by VGX.

Does Binance have an API roadmap and does this support forum influence it any way?

@danhowitt Thanks, with your comment we understand this is more than one user case, so no client ID required (this is necessary to track specific cases and only customer support can get this sensitive info).
I’ll share internally.

ERD and BTCST transactions are not classified as distribution on the system level, therefore not returned, although they’re considered as such in the downloaded record of transactions.