Need some clarification regarding trailing stops and socket data

I am doing some tests using ETHUSDT.

I placed a close trailing stop order at a price of 240.51 with a 0.1% callback.
In the UI, the orders shows an activation price of 240.51 and a 0.1% callback, as expected.

The socket data, on the other hand, is sending me a message saying my order has a stop price of 240.84 with a 0.1% callback.

So, 240.84 / 240.51 = 1.001372084 so it looks like the callback has already be factored, but that opens two questions:

  • where does the 0.000372084 come from
  • if the stop value represents the effective stop, should I get an update every time this value changes?

The stop price is calculated by the last price , not the activation price.

ok, so that would explain why it’s almost the right amount but not exactly.

what about the second question? should I get a notification every time the effective stop price is updated?

No you can’t, only when the order is activated, the stopPrice will be returned.

ok, thanks!