Need help with posting orders and API in general

Hey, beginner coder here.
This is the first time I’m fully working on a project that I’m super interested in, however, I just can’t wrap my head around interacting with the API …

Currently, I’m receiving market price and kline data through WebSockets and I’m able to parse the retrieved JSON data for use in dictionaries and such, I have implemented the strategies using python and I just need to know how I should execute the order through to my futures account, set stop loss for my orders and retrieve my wallet balance so I could work out the amount I want to order.

I have read the documentation MANY times(+Lots of github repos), and I can’t understand ANYTHING, just as an example:

POST /fapi/v1/order (HMAC SHA256)

I don’t know what post, fapi, v1 or HMAC SHA256 is, and worse than that I don’t even know how to look them up properly!

It is much appreciated if you tell me how I can go about finding the answer to such questions, or just a code representation of how I can go about creating a new order, setting stop losses, retrieving wallet balance or just a video tutorial or anything that isn’t abstract and has examples (unlike the docs which are just super unreadable to me)

POST /fapi/v1/order (HMAC SHA256) represents the format of request url.

  1. POST is a RESTful API method.
  2. /fapi/v1/order is the pattern you have to apply after the base url. For example, the base url is When sending a request to place an order, the complete url will be
  3. HMAC SHA256 is the way to generate hash value representing the signature. Please refer to the following section in the API doc for the usage.