need help with new order on postman : have the marketprice

sorry by advance because it will certainly a basic question … But i’m a real beginner and i still lock …

i have download the api collection for postman and I have this problem …

I wish create a sell order with a variable price … more precisely : market price + x%
but for the price value, i can only enter a number. I tried to configurate the value of this key by : body>raw> and code in json the key.
That doesn’t work :
“code”: -1104,
“msg”: “Not all sent parameters were read; read ‘6’ parameter(s) but was sent ‘7’.”

i tries also to create a variable in the environnment and put it as a value . It doesn’t work too :neutral_face: :
“code”: -1022,
“msg”: “Signature for this request is not valid.”
thank you by advance to sharing me your knowledge :slight_smile:

(ps : i have check the other answer close to my subject. Each time that speak about " nodle" is it javascript ? that means i necessary need to use it to fix my problem ? because i don’t practice it :s )


I think the body>raw section is just for sending the request in different formats: Building requests | Postman Learning Center

You might want to explore the “pre-request Script” tab instead (Scripting in Postman | Postman Learning Center), although I don’t have much experience with it, you might need to explore it on your own.

thank you for your help.
Visibly no choice i need to use javascript so i work on it :pray:

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