Need help! Can from 1 IP we can use API for futures trading of different accounts?

Hey, I am building a bot in which users can submit their API and I can make a trade from one main panel and it makes the same trade to all the accounts connected. Let’s say 1,000 account’s are connected to my bot.

So when I make a trade, will Binance ban my IP?

P.S: Consider all the users have entered my IP address while creating API. And what is users are more than 1000?

As long as the API requests are sent from the same IP address locally, the requests counting will be for that IP and then there’s check with the rate limits from */exchangeInfo endpoint.

So basically from 1 same IP I cannot place orders for 10,000+ Binance accounts. Doesn’t matter even if they have added my IP address while creating the APIs.


If it’s so, then what’s the solution?