My withdrawal suspended, when I use withdrawal API.

Why did I have automatic withdrawal suspended? after I’m testing the Withdrawal API.
The API result was successful, but after that there was a problem within my account.

I have tried adding whitelist for the destination withdrawal account address. and tried disabling the whitelist later.

However, the problem result remains the same.

Withdrawals Suspended: Face Verification Required

Due to unusual activity on your account, the withdrawal function has been temporarily disabled. To restore withdrawals, we will require you to complete Face Verification. You may access the Face Verification feature by logging into and visiting the ““Dashboard”” page. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our support team.

My account has securities and 2FA(s).

  • Binance password
  • Email OTP
  • Google Authenticator

You have to contact customer support for further investigation. This is a developer’s forum.