Multiple Orders over REST API are acknowledged but some do not get placed

Hi Folks,

We run a Linux non-custodial trade server in Japan with multiple- users. We gather data via the websocket and execute orders on behalf of our members via the REST API. We are having issues with some requests like stop limits or orders not being placed randomly for our members. We use multiple IP’s for outbound and those IP’s are whitelisted for each user’s API. Can we get some help understanding what might be going on? As you can imagine a failed stop loss or sell order is devastating for our service. We do not receive any errors on the https requests to the Binance API.

You need to provide reproducible examples. Are you sure those orders are not ‘expired’, due to being placed with wrong price and order types?

Yes, the same order will succeed on other accounts. It could be something as simple as a buy is made and stop loss fails. However, on another account both succeed with the same order amounts. Sometimes a market order to sell will fail, however, sells on other accounts without issue. What I am being told on the Telegram chat is the Binance API fails to place orders regularly and we need to be checking the order via websocket notification. What is the best way to accomplish this and not increase weight\overhead too much?

Perhaps, check open orders to ensure. You’re getting the orderId, rignt?