Mobapp shows an invalid detail for BETH including trading pair `ARB/ETH`

When I open Binance mobile app and navigate: WalletsSpot and then click on BETH symbol, I can see ARB/ETH under Trading section, which does not make sense.

I think there is a bug with some “pattern/string matching” for ARB/ETH, because if / char is removed, then it is not clear if ARBETH, means traiding pair: AR and BETH or ARB and ETH pair.

Anyway, showing ARB and ETH traiding pair does not make sense for BETH crypto detail.

When I open the Binance mobile app and navigate to WalletsSpot, then click on the BETH symbol, I notice ARB/ETH under the Trading section, which does not make sense.

I believe there is a bug related to some pattern or string matching for ARB/ETH, because if the / character is removed, it becomes unclear whether it refers to the trading pair ARBETH, meaning AR and BETH, or ARB and ETH pair.

In any case, displaying ARB and ETH trading pair details does not seem appropriate for the BETH cryptocurrency.

There is no direct trading pair available between BETH and ARB. BETH has been delisted, so you won’t find a direct ARB/BETH trading option on the platform.