Missing data with Liquidity Operation Record (Liquidity History)

Hi guys,

I’m trying to take the liquidity swap story with this request:

GET /sapi/v1/bswap/liquidityOps

The results obtained are insufficient to be used:

        "operationId": 12341,
        "poolId": 2,
        "poolName": "BUSD/USDT",
        "operation": "ADD", // "ADD" or "REMOVE"
        "status": 1, // 0: pending, 1: success, 2: failed 
        "updateTime": 1565769342148,
        "shareAmount": "10.1"

As you can see in the image, the data provided by the private API are greater and I refer to the Amount column where it is possible to take the data of the coins inserted in the pools.

Who can help me?

Thanks for feedback, we will share with team.

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