Missing data in user data streams

I’m using
to retrieve user data.
So far so good, but is there any possibility that data is not transmitted, other than due to a broken connection?
In other words, is it guaranteed that the data will always be delivered to the client if a sufficiently long delay is allowed?
In addition, is there a possibility of duplication and the arrival of the same data?

There shouldn’t be any duplication of data or any missing data assuming you’re properly subscribed to the websocket connection. Do you have evidence of either of these occurrences or are you asking a hypothetical?

Sorry for the lack of clarity, it’s just a hypothetical. The reason is that there is no clear statement in the documentation, so it was not clear what assumptions should be made in the implementation.
Is it correct to assume that the data published from the binance server side is pushed to an infinite queue, and that the order of the data may change or there may be infinite delays, but that there are no missing or duplicate data?