Minus isolatedWallet after position get liquidated

After I placed stop loss for my position and the price hit, it liquidated, and then this happen. After that, I can’t open new position of that symbol (if I not fill that minus ‘margin’ number which is shown on the picture. How to avoid this situation. Thanks for reading!

I ran

positions = client.futures_account()['positions']
for position in positions:
    if position['symbol'] == 'EOSUSDT':

one of json return

    'symbol': 'EOSUSDT',
    'initialMargin': '0',
    'maintMargin': '0',
    'unrealizedProfit': '0.00000000',
    'positionInitialMargin': '0',
    'openOrderInitialMargin': '0',
    'leverage': '24',
    'isolated': True,
    'entryPrice': '0.0',
    'maxNotional': '250000',
    'positionSide': 'SHORT',
    'positionAmt': '0.0',
    'notional': '0',
    'isolatedWallet': '-0.07178158',
    'updateTime': 1667232247165,
    'bidNotional': '0',
    'askNotional': '0'

It’s because the isolated account is in negative balance, you need to pay the debit before opening new position.

Yes, i know that i have to pay the debit, but why and when it happen?
On real server, when my position liquidated, I didn’t have to make a step to pay debit like that.
Correct me if I’m wrong! Tks