Maximum borrowable amount for long positions on isolated margin


I have a question about isolated margin.

Let’s say I want to buy AUDIOUSDT on isolated margin. If I put $10 into my isolated margin account, I get $30 buying power for long, $20 for short positions. How can I fetch this leverage information (2x, 3x, etc) via API?

When I query user max borrow, it only returns

{ amount: ‘9.75154355’, borrowLimit: ‘7100’ }

This applies to short positions only, how do I fetch it for long positions?


I have problem with max borrowable:

def max_borrowable(self, contract: Contract):

    data = dict()
    data['timestamp'] = int(time.time() * 1000)
    data['asset'] = contract.base_asset
    data['symbol'] = contract.symbol
    data['signature'] = self._generate_signature(data)

    max_borrowable = self._make_request("GET", "/sapi/v1/margin/maxBorrowable", data)
    amount = max_borrowable['amount']

    return amount

It always returns 0 on any isolated pair, what can cause this problem?

@vardanyan1 Please contact Binance Customer Support for account related issues.

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I’m bumping this up, hope I can get an answer. I couldn’t find any solution.

So you want to get maximum borrowable amount in USDT for AUDIOUSDT isolated margin account, i.e, 36.11USDT?

Instead of sending /sapi/v1/margin/maxBorrowable?asset=AUDIO&isolatedSymbol=AUDIOUSDT, you need to change the asset to USDT.

Note: To simply next time, send directly the query string instead of code sample please.

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Hello, sorry we’ve missed this post.
“positions” is for futures product, from the endpoint you’ve sent , you’re in spot and the endpoint allows you to send parameter “isolatedSymbol” which will return max borrowable info for your isolated margin account.

No problem :slight_smile:

I think I don’t understand, I’ll try to explain it further. It’s in Node.js, by the way. As of now, I have $12 in my AUDIOUSDT isolated margin account, and it says I can buy on margin $36.11 worth of AUDIO and I can sell on margin 17.53 AUDIOs at maximum. The function below returns

{ amount: ‘17.53056095’, borrowLimit: ‘7100’ }

I can access 17.53, which is maximum shortable amount. How do I access $36.11 (maximum long usdt amount)?

Thanks for the reply!

export async function maxBorrowable (fullSymbol) {
  const shortSymbol = fullSymbol.slice(0, -4)
  const maxBorrowQuery = 'asset=' + shortSymbol + '&isolatedSymbol=' + fullSymbol + '&recvWindow=5000&timestamp=' +
  const maxBorrowQuerySigned = await sign(maxBorrowQuery)
  const sendingQuery = maxBorrowQuery + '&signature=' + maxBorrowQuerySigned

  const maxBorrowQueryConfig = {
    method: 'get',
    url: '' + '?' + sendingQuery,
    headers: {
      'X-MBX-APIKEY': apiKey,

  const response = await axios(maxBorrowQueryConfig)


/sapi/v1/marvel dgin/isolated/account
here is the data of the leverage level in the marginRatio value, on the other hand I recommend that you change your maxBorrowable function since the /sapi/v1/margin/maxBorrowable entry allows you to consult both the asset and the quote of the pair that passes in it isolatedSymbol field