MAX_NUM_ORDERS error 4045

Hello, is there an option to increase MAX_NUM_ORDERS.
Currently, I’m trading one currency ETHUSDT, I have a strategy that opens about 5-10 trades per day, though these trades can be active for few days. Currently limit for ETHUSDT MAX_NUM_ORDERS = 10 orders.

The problem that I’m facing is that I can have only 5 open trades at a time with different stop loss and take profit.

For example, I would open 5 trades
12:00 i open buy order at price 1868 with Take profit 1910 and stop loss 1700
13:00 i open buy order at price 1865 with Take profit 1945 and stop loss 1712
14:00 i open buy order at price 1845 with Take profit 1923 and stop loss 1765
15:00 i open buy order at price 1887 with Take profit 1934 and stop loss 1745
16:00 i open buy order at price 1823 with Take profit 1905 and stop loss 1732
a this moment I have 5 trades with 5 different TP and SL.
I can open another trade and increase my trading quantity, but I’m limited to 5 open SL and TP

if I try to open a new order, I have to modify my stop losses and take profits or do not open any trades at all.

This is an issues for me

  1. because I want to open trades every time my strategy sees an opportunity
  2. I do not want to modify take profit and stop loss every time, because I keep increasing my margin with other trades, while older trades are not closing since I keep modifying their TP and SL.
  3. Such limitation forces me to use only 1 strategy if I want to use long-term strategy with TP 10% and another short-term strategy with 2% SL, I simply cannot, because I will overwrite SL for different strategies.

Increasing MAX_NUM_ORDERS would allow me to have 10-20-30 open trades at different points in time with individual SL and TP, which would work independently from each other.

I’m using Binance Futures API


The filter in question is “MAX_NUM_ALGO_ORDERS” which is set to be 10 by default for ETHUSDT, this limit should be followed by everyone and can’t be changed. You need to adapt your strategy to it, maybe use the cancel order endpoint to remove orders with prices that no longer make sense as newer orders are created.