max length of newClientOrderId?

What is the maximum permissible length of the user supplied order Id string, “newClientOrderId”?

May I know why you need to know this?

It’s because I think what I’m sending is being truncated (32 chars) and I couldn’t find information on the max length anywhere

"what I’m sending is being truncated (32 chars) " - Please elaborate; The system shouldn’t truncate your client order id

The length should be no longer than 36 per my test

It may not be, I wasn’t sure yet. I just wanted to know if there was a maximum, and what that was

Ok, thanks. I think I’ve found my problem - are there forbidden characters in the string? I am submitting “c586+714-7cb9-437a-a382-a3f:56.4” but what got returned was “c586 714-7cb9-437a-a382-a3f:56.4”, notice the + is missing?

plus is not recommended for clientOrderId