MAX amount to enter the position

In this picture, how can I detect the max amount to enter the position via python future binance code, if there is no code, how to calculate, it’s needed for the quantity here:

result = request_client.post_order(symbol=“ETHUSDT”, side=OrderSide.BUY, ordertype=OrderType.LIMIT, price=1500, quantity=0.5, timeInForce=TimeInForce.GTC)


price * quantity should <= your availableBalance from /fapi/v2/account


We are in USD-M future, so there is leverage, mostly it’s:
USDT / Price * Leverage, but this will not give me the exact “MAX” that I see on trading platform for long position and short position, while MAX differ between long and short as you see in the picture. I hope that there is a code that will give me that directly.

Yeah. Let me correct it. You need to consider open loss. Please read this for a better understanding -

thanks for your help,
look here at these two red squares selected in this picture:

max quantity to open a long position is 0.015 BTC, and max quantity to open a short position is 0.015 BTC. how can I get this via python,

I have tried these python codes,

but I still can’t find that MAX:

Read and calculate it yourself

Thank you very much, I am really thankful.

Hey !

Finally, how you get the long max amount and the short max amount ?
Because, i can’t get it successfully :sleepy:

Thank’s a lot by advance !

I’ve found the solution: Max quantity calculation