market order quoteOrderQty

I was testing the order_market buy with line below.

test = client.order_market_buy(symbol = “BTCUSDT”, quoteOrderQty = 15.00, newOrderRespType = “FULL”)

when looking through the response I noticed that it only used 14.94235500 instead of the 15 indicated in quoteOrderQty. Is there any reasons why this happened ?

I first thought the difference was deducted as a fee, but binance has zero trading fees on BTCUSDT pair.

{‘symbol’: ‘BTCUSDT’,
‘orderId’: 11572475067,
‘orderListId’: -1,
‘clientOrderId’: ‘wSaFlajivG2CAhHgkSwlEe’,
‘transactTime’: 1657749140477,
‘price’: ‘0.00000000’,
‘origQty’: ‘0.00075000’,
‘executedQty’: ‘0.00075000’,
‘cummulativeQuoteQty’: ‘14.94235500’,
‘status’: ‘FILLED’,
‘timeInForce’: ‘GTC’,
‘type’: ‘MARKET’,
‘side’: ‘BUY’,
‘fills’: [
{‘price’: ‘19923.14000000’,
‘qty’: ‘0.00075000’,
‘commission’: ‘0.00000000’,
‘commissionAsset’: ‘BTC’,
‘tradeId’: 1462869189}]}

All purchase/sale operations charge a commission and it seems strange to me that you appear in 0

there goes the most technical explanation if you divide your $15USDT by the market price at which your order entered 19,923.14 gives you a total of 7.528933692179044e-4 if you apply the stepsize filter the amount is truncated to 7.5e-4 which has been giving the $14.942355

Now you have left me with the question of why they did not charge you a commission.

Thank you !!

Since july 8 2022 binance has zero trading fees for 13 pairs one of them is BTCUSDT

See announcment below.

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