Marginal SHORT Trade | No borrowable asset in Binance

Hi Dev community,

Just wanted your thoughts/inputs on my below query;

For the past few months, Binance is not providing any borrowable assets for marginal SHORT trade.
When i want to enter a SHORT trade, Binance is saying “Due to high borrowing demand, there are currently insufficient loanable asset for …”. This happens with 95% of the coins and i am unable to make any SHORT positions.

Do you guys felt similar issue with Binance or is it just for me only? (Not sure about Future short trade)

2022-08-20 15_20_27-Kali 64 - VMware Workstation 16 Player (Non-commercial use only)

Thank You

Hi @Boney_Kalarickan, reaching out to the Customer support might be more helpful in this case, since it’s not directly concerning the API but the product itself. They might be able to also check your personal account for further investigation.