Margin Questions

A few questions for margin…

  1. Whats the real meaning of the margin user stream? Where can it be used ? For the spot user stream you use the listenkey to subscribe on data updates like orderUpdate, accountBalanceUpdate etc.
  2. Lets say I want to open a crossed margin sell position, margin account has zero balance and I want to avoid calling the api to transfer money. Can I send the order with sideEffect = marginBuy ? If e.g. quoteQty ise 5k then it will auto borrow 5k ? And what will be the leverage or those 5k will be the actual leverage ?
  3. Lets say I opened the above sell position. How to we close it ? By sending the opposite side e.g. buy, that orders quantity and if I want auto repay then I send sideEffect = auto repay ?
  1. The margin user stream behaves exactly like the spot user stream. Except it listens to only margin related data.
  2. Yes you are right but take note that you need assets in the Margin account to act as collateral before borrowing. The 5k will be your leverage.
  3. Yes you are right, you buy the asset with the quantity and set sideEffect to AUTO_REPAY
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Thank you for your immediate response.

  1. Ok so when I get the listenkey though api for spot, I then pass it through that socket endpoint to subscribe for those four payload updates e.g. AccountUpdate, BalanceUpdate etc, But I dont see an equivalent socket endpoint for Margin, or shall i pass the Margin’s listenkey again through that same socket endpoint as I do for Spot ? (Endpoint: “wss://”)

  2. Assets to act like collateral, can you please explain that more ? For Cross Margin is it necessary ?
    Lets say I want to do a margin trade ETHUSDT… what more do I need ? :slight_smile:


  1. Correct
  2. I believe this post should be able to explain better than us here:
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