"Margin is insufficient" - Error

When trying to execute an order during high market volatility, I am getting a response of “Margin is insufficient”. During normal market conditions, this doesn’t seem to happen.

An example scenario I am running into.

Where a max position is 5,000USDT at 100USDT x 50 leverage. An order executed for 99USDT x 50 is failing with the error indicated, even when the wallet has 120USDT.

Code Below:

var reqSymbolPrice = client.FuturesUsdt.Market.GetPrice(_appSettings.BinanceSymbol).Data;
decimal symbolPrice = reqSymbolPrice.Price;
int symbolQuantity = _calculateQuantity(symbolPrice);

                    _loggerService.LogMessage("Attempting order...", eLogType.Confirm);

                    var reqPlaceOrder = client.FuturesUsdt.Order.PlaceOrder(
                        symbol: _appSettings.BinanceSymbol,
                        side: OrderSide.Buy,
                        type: OrderType.Market,
                        quantity: symbolQuantity

private int _calculateQuantity(decimal symbolPrice) { return (int)(_appSettings.BinanceAmountSpend / symbolPrice) * _appSettings.BinanceLeverageMultiplier; }

Where BinanceLeverageMultiplier = leverage (x50 in our example) and BinanceAmountSpend = amount of money to buy with (99USDT in our example)

The app will retry, and it seems it can take upwards of 20 retries for the order to go through. The same issue occurs when trying a trade at 1200USDTx20 leverage (where the max is a 25,000USDT position, or 1250USDTx20) where the wallet has 1300USDT.

In this situation, an isolated margin is being used.

Any thoughts on how to mitigate this?

Hi. Please check if you have sufficient assets in the isolated margin account.

I was having the same issue mentioned in this thread. I ended up putting more funds in the account and it did address the “Insufficient Margin” problem. However, the numbers are confusing to me and I am wondering if you could explain.

When doing a $800x50 leverage trade during normal market conditions I am getting a margin of roughly what I would expect at whatever I put in (ie. ~$800). During market volatility, my margin on that $800 trade was $1,700, with a MUCH lower leverage than I have specified.

I am logging market price before I send the request vs what the avg fill price is on the binance side, and when the order is filled, the price was only 0.28% higher.

What accounts for this extreme difference in margin?

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