magic coins how to find it

Hello everyone!

I’m geting all trade and deposit history to my system via api and it is almost accurate. Most of coins has exact amount, But some not. Some of them are totally from air - because I never bought it and got it. eg. YFI, PAXG, MKR. I suppose these are from some airdrop or gift or something else, but i don’t know how to check its source - neither via API neither via web app.

And i also have slight difference with BNB - i grab also commisions but still there’s difference after few weeks of working (not days - i someday checked three days one by one, and it was perfectly exact. Then I stop watching and after two weeks - again small difference… I don’t know if it is some gift from Binance, because it is always on plus :smiley:

see if you can find the distribution records from this endpoint:

Nope. Only small conversion to BNB (last year ago)

The distributions are usually available through this endpoint: Binance API Documentation

No. Zero rows since year…