LOT_SIZE's stepSize for ethereum seems to be too high. Getting Filter failure: LOT_SIZE

Hi, I’m relatively new to Binance’s API. I’ve started writing a project, and I’ve tested every part of it separately. Now that I’m putting it together, I have found something that I didn’t see before, and still can’t believe.

Every coin’s stepSize (in the LOT_SIZE filter) is 1. Does this really mean that I can only sell an entire ethereum at once? Is this really the case?

I’m getting “{“code”:-1013,“msg”:“Filter failure: LOT_SIZE”}” errors, and I hope it’s only caused by another issue, because if the stepSize is really 1 for everything, then API cannot be used for purposes that we wanted to achieve.

I’ve selected rend0d1’s answer, because it’s more elaborate, but the other one seems to be right too.
The problem was that I was writing this bot for quite a while now, and didn’t notice, that I’m only checking the delivery exchange info. That’s why everything had 1 as a stepSize.
Thanks for your help.

May I know which symbol are you referring to? I supposed you want to sell some ETH, and you may check the symbol like ETHxxxx, which means that the base asset is ETH. As far as I know, it is allowed to sell less than 1 ether. But if you really see the step size is really equal to 1, it means that the base asset should be in the increment of 1.

The only place I can think of that provides “1” as a value for stepSize in the LOT_SIZE filter is the Coin-M futures market. There, the stepsize corresponds to the unit Cont (contract) and indeed the minimum amount of Cont you can ask for is “1”. But 1 Cont != 1 ETH!
You can find more information about contracts here.

As you can see in the following screenshot, the stepSize is not “1” for the spot market.