LOT_SIZE issue

Dear all,

I am coding in R and when I create order on market base, I get a “LOT_SIZE” error. I have some difficulties to understand what it is and how to modify my code to handle the options. Could you please help me? My code is as follow:

    query <-
        "symbol" = paste(symbol,"USDT",sep = ""),
        "side" = "SELL",
        "type" = "MARKET",
        "quantity" = to.sell,
        "recvWindow" = 50000,
        "timestamp" = timestamp
    signature <- openssl::sha256(paste(names(query), query, sep = "=", collapse = "&"), key=secretKey)
    transaction = POST(
      add_headers("X-MBX-APIKEY" = apiKey),
      query = c(query, signature = signature)

thanks is advance.


LOT_SIZE errors occur when the order being placed does not obey the LOT_SIZE filter for the respective symbol.

To get more info regarding a symbols filter have a look at the exchange info endpoint https://binance-docs.github.io/apidocs/spot/en/#exchange-information. (LOT_SIZE is defined as the amount of the order).